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Take Advantage of Great CD Rates

Watch your savings grow with Academy Bank:

  • 5.25% APY on 12-month and 5.35% on 15-months CD's
  • Simply choose the length of time (term) and interest rate you want to earn and deposit your money
  • Interest is compounded and credited quarterly for investment terms of 12 months or longer

High Yield 12-Month CD

5.25% APY*

High Yield 15-Month CD

5.35% APY*

What You Need to Know

A fixed interest rate is earned on the entire balance.

A minimum opening balance of $500 is required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.¹

There are penalties for withdrawing funds before the set term. The amount depends on the length of the CD account term.²

  • 7 - 91 Days: 60 days loss of interest
  • 92 - 182 Days: 182 days loss of interest
  • 183 - <60 Months: 1 year loss of interest
  • 60 Months: 2 years loss of interest

This Academy Bank account can be used to invest your IRA or ESA.