Debit Card Controls

Manage your Debit Card settings with Card Controls.  Set account alerts based on transactions, merchants, spending limits, and transaction amounts, turn your card on and off, set withdrawal limits, or set transaction amounts. Academy Bank puts the control in your account!

You will need Mobile or Online Banking. Download the Mobile App (Mobile carrier fees may apply.)
Card Controls are a free service that gives you complete control over your debit card, including the ability to turn your debit card ON or OFF, report a lost or stolen card, establish ATM withdrawal limits, or create alerts. Alerts can be customized based on transactions, merchant types, spending limits, and amounts.  
Log into Mobile or Online banking. Locate Card Controls under Menu, Manage Debit Card. If you do not have an Online or Mobile Banking account, you will need to enroll in Online and Mobile Banking in order to manage your Debit Card with Card Controls. (Mobile carrier fees may apply).
After logging into Mobile or Online Banking, go to Manage Debit Cards in the left-hand menu items. Select Manage Debit Cards. You may toggle to turn your Debit card ON or OFF.
Card Controls is free to use. You may incur fees from your mobile carrier if you choose to receive text alerts and data rates may apply.
Log into Online or Mobile banking. If you do not have Online or Mobile Banking, you will need to enroll before you can set up Card Alerts.

To set up Card Alerts go to Manage Debit Cards > Select Manage Debit Cards > Select Card Alerts to manage your alert options. This screen allows you to set your preferences for alert delivery.

To view the phone number and email address currently set for notifications, turn the alerts ON and OFF.

Keep in mind the phone number and email address(es) for Card Controls are the same as for your Alert Settings in Online & Mobile Banking. (Mobile carrier fees may apply).
Yes, select the Debit Card from the list of cards on your account on the main screen in Card Controls.
No, your recurring transactions will not be blocked. They will continue to be processed even if your card is turned OFF.
If you have misplaced your debit card, use Card Controls to turn OFF the card. This will prevent unauthorized use of the card. When you find your card, use Card Controls to turn the card ON. If you cannot find your debit card, report it lost or stolen by calling 1-800-754-4128.
When you make changes to your card with Card Controls, the changes go into effect immediately. Card Controls gives you complete control over your Debit Card.
Log into Online and Mobile Banking and click on Manage Debit Cards. Then click Card Details and open the Alerts link under Customer Communication. If you do not want to receive alerts for all transactions, unclick the box and then choose which alerts you want to receive by scrolling down and clicking boxes. Once you have completed your selection click Submit.

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