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The Story Behind the Fillmore Inn Development Deal

How two prominent commercial real estate developers relied on Academy Bank for an innovative financing solution.

"Academy Bank made a complex process seem easy." Frank Day, Co-Developer, Fillmore Inn and President, Concept Restaurants, Inc.

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"Academy Bank Delivered." The Story Behind The Corrigan Station Development Deal

If you've been in the Crossroads District of Kansas City lately, you’ve most likely noticed Corrigan Station, a beautiful new multi-use development at the northeast corner of 19th and Main Streets in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This complex project serves as a model for real estate developers in town. Behind every big real estate development, there’s a lender who secured the financing.

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Electronic Ease: Why Businesses Should Accept Credit Cards

Our Colorado Retail Exec, Tracie Miller, shares the top 5 reasons businesses should accept credit cards.

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