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Scams & Fraud

Know what to look out for, know how to avoid it

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There's no shortage of ways crooks work angles to get to your money and personal identity. It's a serious problem worldwide and one Academy Bank works hard to address. Protecting your personal information and bank accounts is our priority.

You can take action, too. Check out these tips to learn how to spot scams and fight fraud.

1. Look beyond the logo.

Scammers often steal images and logos of legitimate companies to create fake websites that can be difficult to detect. One key to look for is a sense of urgency in the messaging, telling you that if you fail to verify, update or provide your information, account access will be suspended. Don't provide any information when asked for it in this way.

2. Type, don't click.

Maybe you've opened an email and it starts to look suspicious. Don't click any of the links because you could unknowingly download spyware, a virus or some other malicious element. Instead, type the web address into your browser. If the link leads to a legitimate site from a company you do business with, bookmark it.

3. Be suspicious of any email that requests your authentication, asks for personal information, or says there is a problem with your Academy Bank accounts.

Once in a while we send out emails for special offers or new products or services. We're never going to request personal information or tell you in an email there's a problem with your account. A real email from us will lead to legitimate pages on this website. If one of our domain names (academybank.com, secure.academybank.com, or myhomeloan.academybank.com) is not in the web browser's address field, it's not our website.

If you receive a fraudulent email, log in to Mobile or Online Banking and send us a message or call or visit a branch for assistance.

4. Email headers can be forged easily, so don’t trust them.

It's just another reminder to look below the surface of these messages and don't automatically trust the first thing you read.

5. Avoid filling out forms within emails.

Where is all your data being sent when you fill out an email form? Your information could make multiple stops along the way to the recipient. Rather than filling out a form, contact the company to discuss whatever information you're interested in sharing with them.

6. Always log out from websites or secure areas of websites (like Online Banking or on your mobile phone) where you used an ID and password to enter.

You don't want to give anyone the opportunity to sneak into your accounts because you accidentally left the door open.

7. Make sure the security features of your computer software are up to date. This includes your web browser (see our list of approved web browsers below).

Stay on top of security updates released by software companies because they go a long way toward protecting what you want protected. You can get additional tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Here's a list of our approved web browsers:

  • Apple Safari 6.0
  • Apple Safari 7.0
  • Apple Safari 8.0
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

8. Use antivirus software, and keep the virus lists up to date.

It's all part of ensuring you have the latest and greatest security updates working for you.

9. Don’t trust pop-up windows that ask for personal info.

We will never request your personal information in a pop-up window, so if you see one, avoid it.

10. Do not open attachments.

Only on very rare occasions do we send an email with an attachment, which should be encrypted for security purposes. If you receive one in a message claiming to be from Academy Bank, please contact us. Login to Digital Banking and send us a message. Or, call or visit a branch for further assistance.

11. Only provide your personal info if you initiated the login process to your account at Academy Bank.

This is how you stay in control of where and when your credentials are provided.

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