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Spending Wisely

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Need help with how to spend wisely? Try these easy money management tips before you go shopping or make purchases.

Shopping Budget Tips

  • Check your account balance through Online Banking (and mobile), at the bank, or using your physical account register. Mobile carrier fees may apply.
  • Make a note of any upcoming scheduled payments, such as utility bills, and deduct what you think the estimated amount will be from your account balance.
  • Also, deduct from your balance any amounts you may owe to others, such as lunch money.
  • Always subtract a little extra from your mental account balance in case an unexpected expense should arise.
  • These practices will allow you to know how much you have to spend before heading out the door on your shopping trip.

While Shopping
  • With your budget in mind, do periodic estimates of how much the items in your shopping cart might total.
  • Once the cashier rings everything up, carefully look at the total amount.
  • If it’s more than what you have to spend, try to return a few things you don’t need.
  • Once your purchase total aligns with your available-to-spend balance, you can confidently finalize the transaction, knowing it won’t result in an overdrawn bank account.

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