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Savings Account

A great savings option for all Academy Bank clients.

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Premier Money Market

A savings account option with tiered interest rates for higher balances.

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Certificate of Deposit

A savings solution in which you deposit money for a chosen length of time and guaranteed rate of return.

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Student Savings

A savings account option that is perfect for students and young adults.

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An individual retirement account (IRA) can offer tax-deferred growth and even tax savings when used under qualifying circumstances.

Saving Cents

Round up your debit card purchases automatically and put the change in your savings with Saving Cents.

How It Works

  • Choose - Choose how much you'd like to round up your debit card purchases from your Academy Bank checking account. Options range from the nearest $1 to $5 increment.
  • Save - Every time you make a purchase, we’ll round it up. Each night all the extra change is transferred automatically from your checking to your savings.
  • Track - See what you saved on your bank statement each month.

To sign up for the Academy Bank Saving Cents program, login to Digital Banking and send us a message. Or, call or visit a branch for assistance.

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