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Saving Cents

Saving made so easy you'll forget you're even doing it!

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Round up your debit card purchases automatically and put the change in your savings with Saving Cents.

How It Works
  • Choose - Choose how much you'd like to round up debit card purchases from your Academy Bank checking account. Options range from the nearest $1 to $5 increment.
  • Save - Every time you make a purchase, we’ll round it up. All the extra change is automatically transferred from your checking to your savings each night.
  • Track - See what you saved on your bank statement each month.
To sign up for the Academy Bank Saving Cents program, login to Digital Banking and send us a message. Or, call or visit a branch for assistance.

Your Purchase Rounded Up Transferred to Savings
$21.35 $22.00 $0.65
$30.23 $31.00 $0.77
$14.54 $15.00 $0.46