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Community Reinvestment Act

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Academy Bank is committed to transparency and community engagement in accordance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). We invite interested parties to review the following information, which is available for public inspection:

  • Public Evaluation: A PDF copy of our most recent CRA Performance Evaluation. 
  • Branch Locations: A PDF list of our branch locations, along with their respective hours of operation. 
  • Branch Activity: PDF document detailing branches opened or closed during the current year and the prior two calendar years. 
  • Services Offered: Information on services available at our branches, including details on automated teller machines (ATMs). 
  • Assessment Areas: PDF maps and tract listings for each assessment area designated by the bank. 
  • CRA Disclosure Statement: You are entitled to certain information about our operations and our performance under the CRA.
  • HMDA Disclosure Statement: Information on Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data. 
  • Public Comments: PDF document containing all public comments received during the current year and the prior two calendar years. 

You may send written comments about our performance in helping to meet community credit needs to:

Mary Buche, Academy Bank CRA Officer

c/o Dickinson Financial Corporation

1201 Walnut Street, Suite 1000

Kansas City, MO 64106