Simply Free Checking Account: Free, Easy Banking

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In a world where banking fees can chip away at your hard-earned money, finding a truly free checking account can feel like a hopeless task. But fear not—Academy Bank is here to make banking even simpler and more affordable than ever with our latest offering: Simply Free Checking.

No matter your situation, if you’re looking for the best free checking account, Simply Free Checking is designed with you in mind. We understand that banking needs vary, but one thing remains constant: the desire for easy access to your money without the burden of fees.

Keep reading to learn more about free checking accounts, the features and benefits of Simply Free Checking, account requirements, and more.

What’s the Difference Between a Checking Account and a Savings Account?

When it comes to different types of bank accounts, two main account types come to mind: checking and savings accounts. Each has its own place in your financial playbook, both are deposit accounts, and many people have both. But what sets them apart?

Checking accounts are typically used for your day-to-day transactions. They're the go-to for quick access, enabling you to deposit funds, swipe your debit card, write checks, and withdraw cash from ATMs. With a checking account, there's no need to think about transaction limits, making it ideal for managing your everyday expenses and handling unforeseen emergencies.

Savings accounts, on the other hand, serve an entirely different purpose. You may set aside money away funds for specific goals, whether it's building an emergency fund, jetting off on a dream vacation, or making a major purchase. Federal regulations impose limits on withdrawals and transfers from savings accounts, so it may help keep you from pulling out that money on a regular basis.

While both types of accounts are part of a healthy financial strategy, finding the right type of account for you isn’t easy. Which is why we’re excited to introduce our new Simply Free Checking Account.1

What Is a Free Checking Account?

Your checking account is a valuable tool in your daily money management. With many financial institutions (such as banks or credit unions), checking accounts typically allow you to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. But they can offer so much more.

In most cases, when you open an account, you’ll receive a debit card, a checkbook, and access to a network of ATMs. And with online and mobile banking,2 you can even check your account balances on the go!

Some banks set hard rules, such as monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. But the Academy Bank Simply Free Checking account is all about making it easy to manage your money, without monthly service fees or other hidden checking account fees. This means nothing can stop you from working toward your financial goals.

About Simply Free Checking

Simply Free Checking isn't just a checking account; it's designed to be your everyday financial partner as you work toward your financial goals. Here's what sets it apart:

$0 Monthly Service Charge

With Simply Free Checking, there are no pesky monthly service fees eating away at your balance. You can rest easy knowing that your hard-earned money stays where it belongs – in your account.

No Minimum Balance

Gone are the days of stressing over maintaining a minimum balance to avoid fees. Whether you're just starting out or managing your finances like a pro, Simply Free Checking welcomes you with open arms, regardless of your account balance.

Early Pay

Say goodbye to waiting for your paycheck to clear. With Early Pay,3 you can access your funds ahead of schedule, giving you the flexibility to tackle bills, splurge on a weekend getaway, or simply breathe easier knowing your money is in hand when you need it most.

Access to 38,000+ ATMs Nationwide

Whether you're across town or traveling across the country, access to cash is never far away. Enjoy the convenience of withdrawing money from over 38,000 ATMs nationwide without worrying about additional fees eating into your budget.

Free eStatements

Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to a greener, more convenient way of managing your account. With free eStatements, you can access your account statements anytime, anywhere, all while reducing your environmental footprint.

Free Overdraft Protection with Transfers from a Savings Account

We understand that unexpected expenses can arise when you least expect them. That's why we offer free overdraft protection, ensuring that your transactions are covered with automatic transfers from your linked savings account. Experience peace of mind in avoiding costly overdraft fees with this new account.

Online & Mobile Banking

Manage your finances with ease from the comfort of your home or on-the-go with our secure online banking platform.2 From depositing checks to monitoring your account activity, our online banking and mobile app offers all the features you need to stay connected to your finances, anytime, anywhere.

How to Apply for Simply Free Checking Account

Our Simply Free Checking account is easy to apply for and even easier to use. While there’s a $25 minimum opening deposit requirement and a $5 charge for paper statements, there’s no such thing as hidden surprise fees.

Academy Bank Is Your Free Checking Partner

Academy Bank is proud to offer Simply Free Checking accounts. With Simply Freedom Checking, you can break free of the typical restrictions and requirements for checking accounts. Say goodbye to monthly service charges and minimum balance demands. Instead, embrace a banking experience that prioritizes your financial freedom and convenience.

 Join us in embracing financial freedom and empowerment with Simply Free Checking.1 Apply today and experience banking that puts your needs first.



Member FDIC

1 $25 opening deposit required. eStatements required.

2 Message and data rates charged by your mobile phone carrier may apply.

3 Direct deposit required. Maximum ACH credit is $15,000.00.