About Us

Academy Bank is a privately held, community bank

Our mission is to provide a superior banking experience through fast, easy, and personal service that is welcoming to all. 

Corporate offices for Academy Bank are located in Kansas City, Missouri and commercial banking locations are found in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

Academy Bank provides a wide range of financial solutions to businesses and individuals, including commercial and small business lending, treasury management and mortgage services. We feature the latest banking technologies, including Smart ATM and Interactive Teller Machine video banking.

With a branch network of over 70 banking centers, and growing, we serve communities around the nation and grow our deposits organically, one person, household, and business at a time.  

Family owned bank by Dickinson Financial Corporation

Our family is invested in our banks so that yours can be too.  With over $3.7 billion in assets, and consistently strong capital, we are able to provide our clients peace of mind that comes with stability.  We have two, separately charted banks—Armed Forces Bank and Academy Bank—offering our clients an easy way to diversify their own banking relationships under a single umbrella.

  • DFC has $3.7 billion in assets
  • DFC has $3.0 billion in deposits
  • DFC has $2.6 billion in loans
  • The capital ratio at DFC is higher than most banks at 14.41%
  • We have 94 banking center locations.
  • We have 800 employees.

Financial stats as of 12/31/2022

Our business model includes ensuring we have highly diversified deposit, loan, and investment portfolios. We don’t believe in putting all of our eggs in one basket.  Academy Bank has a vast, diversified deposit base primarily funded by its retail branch network.  Our loan portfolio is not focused on a single industry, geography, or sector.  Academy Bank lends to individuals, local businesses of all sorts, and large, nationwide companies. When we invest, we prudently diversify our investments so that no one investment type threatens the soundness of our bank.