Treasury Prime and Academy Bank to bring embedded finance services to customers

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Written by IBS Intelligence, August 1, 2023

Treasury Prime, an embedded banking software company, has partnered with Academy Bank to bring embedded finance services to its customers.

This partnership addresses the increasing demand for flexible and scalable solutions that effectively meet the evolving needs of businesses and customers.

“Academy Bank’s ability to service deposit customers in a highly personalized manner, combined with their unwavering commitment to innovation, forms a strong foundation for our partnership,” said Jeff Nowicki, VP of Banking at Treasury Prime. “We are proud to welcome Academy Bank to our bank network and work together to deliver transformative banking experiences.”

Additionally, it provides businesses with seamless access to Academy Bank’s deposit services, enabling them to offer FDIC-insured accounts to their customers while fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Treasury Prime’s BaaS platform and Academy Bank’s established banking infrastructure will empower businesses to rapidly launch and scale their payment and deposit products, driving strong customer engagement and retention.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and focus on the FinTech industry,” said David Robinson, Director of FinTech Partnerships at Academy Bank. “By leveraging Treasury Prime’s technology, we can enhance our offerings and provide our FinTech partners with the tools they need to accelerate their growth and deliver innovative financial services.”

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