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Money Mixtape: It's Payday!

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Payday is one of the best days of the week. Whether it’s monthly, every two weeks, or weekly, it often feels like having a weight lifted as we see our bank accounts refreshed with the money we’ve earned through our hard work.

Now that the stress of the holidays is over, we thought it was time to have a little bit of fun. We’ve put together a “mixtape” of songs about payday. Or take it a step further by creating a Money Mixtape Spotify Playlist for when you need a payday pick-me-up.

Side 1

I Gotta Feeling -- The Black Eyed Peas

Tonight's the night (hey), let's live it up (let's live it up)
I got my money (I'm paid), let's spend it up (let's spend it up)

This classic by the Black Eyed Peas was everywhere in 2009 due to its upbeat nature … and it turns out, they might be feeling so good because it was payday. But we don’t recommend taking the approach in this song of “spending up” your whole paycheck.

Just Got Paid -- Sigala featuring Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor, and French Montana

I should be saving up, but
I just got paid
I'm broke, but I'm balling

When you get paid, you’ve got a few options: save it, spend it, or a little bit of both. For many people, it may not be possible to save all of it -- you’ve got bills to pay, groceries to buy, and gas to put in the car. … But even saving just a little bit of that paycheck each pay period can help you reach your financial goals in the future.

Just Got Paid -- *NSYNC

Just got paid, Friday night
Party hoppin', feelin' right

While *NSYNC released “Just Got Paid” as a cover of the original by Johnny Kemp, we decided to go with the popular boy band’s version for one main reason. After all the fun throughout the length of the song, *NSYNC ends with one simple line that payday revelers should keep in mind: “I’m broke.”

Bills -- Lunchbox Lewis

I got bills I gotta pay
So I'm gon' work, work, work every day
I got mouths I gotta feed
So I'm gon' make sure everybody eats
I got bills

Lunchbox Lewis may not be talking about payday specifically in “Bills,” but he sure recognizes his priorities when it comes to spending his money. Rather than blowing all his money on partying, leaving him broke, he stresses the importance of spending his paycheck on taking care of his family and paying the bills.

Side 2

Clean Money -- Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Payday's coming (and we wash it away)
Clean money (wash it away), clean money (wash it away)
Payday's coming (and we wash it away)
Clean money (wash it away), clean money (wash it away)
That's what I wanna do
I wanna spend it on you

Spending your money on someone else can be a nice thing to do. Whether it’s your partner, your child, or another family member -- especially during the holiday season. But sometimes you should ask yourself: are you ever spending your money on yourself? There are plenty of ways to spend money in a way that pays dividends in your future; for example, invest in yourself by signing up for a class, course, or training program.

Money, Money, Money -- ABBA

All the things I could do
If I had a little money

Payday is often about covering the basics. If you set a little bit aside each pay period, what could you do with that money once it’s grown enough to help you meet your goals? Some people may use the money for a down payment on a house, to go back to school, or even to take that special vacation that they’ve been dreaming of for years.

Escapade -- Janet Jackson

Cashed my check, I'm ready to go
I promise you, I'll show you such a good time
Come on baby, let's get away
Let's save our troubles for another day
Come go with me, we've got it made
Let me take you on an escapade

Sometimes, all you need is a getaway. When you work hard and save up, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and others every once in a while, as long as you’re able to cover all the basics. Then, be sure to enjoy yourself.

Vacation -- Dirty Heads

As I work hard for all I need
Open arms, embracing life
And all of which you gave me
Hard work, it pays off
I'm happy now, it's paying me

If you decide to save up for a vacation, that hard work will pay off. While this Dirty Heads song is about having a career that you enjoy so much that it feels like you’re on vacation, the overall idea can ring true for most people: work hard for what you need, let it pay off, and you can choose your happiness.

What’s Your Next Money Move?

When exploring these songs, did you get any ideas for your next money move? Whether you’re ready to get serious about opening a savings account, saving for a down payment or a vacation, or something else, Academy Bank is here to be your financial partner.

Learn more about our savings accounts in order to make the most of your paychecks.

And be sure to share with us your favorite songs about payday.

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