Many kinds of people like employers, landlords, and loan officers look at your credit report. That's why it's important to have good credit. Having poor credit could make things like getting a job, receiving good interest rates on loans, or renting or buying a home more difficult or expensive.

Building good credit can seem tricky at first, but believe us, you can do it. Take a look at these tips to understand, improve, and keep up with your credit.

  • Always pay all your bills on time, even if only the minimum due.
  • Keep balances at or below 35% of your total credit limit.
  • Have a mix of credit types, like loans, installment loans, and credit cards. Installment loans include mortgage, auto, and student loans.
  • Apply for new credit in moderation.
  • Pay off an account's balance before closing it.
  • Keep old credit accounts open to help with credit history length.
  • Review your credit reports frequently throughout the year to ensure accuracy. Learn how to order and review them here.