Need help with how to spend wisely? Try these easy money management tips before you go shopping or make purchases.

Shopping Budget Tips

  • Check your account balance through Digital Banking on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. 
  • Make a note of any upcoming scheduled payments (like a utility bill) and deduct what you think the amount will be from your account balance.
  • Also deduct from your balance anything you may owe someone (like $10 for lunch last week).
  • Go ahead and subtract a little extra from your mental account balance in case an unexpected expense pops up.
  • With all this in mind, you’ll then know how much you have available to spend to go shopping.

While Shopping

  • With your budget in mind, estimate how much you think the items in your cart cost.
  • Once the attendant rings everything up, look at the total amount. If it’s more what you have available to spend, try to put back a few things you don’t really need.
  • Once the total is in the amount you have available to spend, you can make the purchase knowing you have the proper funds in the bank to cover your promise and avoid paying any overdraft fees.