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Stimulus Payments Received in the Form of Paper Checks

The bank will cash stimulus checks only for existing account holders.

If you are not currently an account holder at the bank, you may open a new account with us.  Please note that your new account must be titled to match the payee name on the stimulus check.

  1. Account holders may deposit a stimulus check through mobile deposit in our mobile banking app.

    Mobile deposits made Monday through Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM (Central) will be posted to the account in less than 1 hour. We will not delay availability of funds for stimulus checks deposit through mobile deposit. 
  2. Account holders with a debit card may deposit a stimulus check at one of our many deposit-taking ATMs, at an Interactive Teller Machine or at an Academy Bank Express location. 

    For stimulus checks deposited at an ATM, $100 will post to the account immediately and the remainder of the stimulus check deposit will be available on the next business day. 

If the payee’s account is in a charged-off status with a balance due, the payment will be deposited into the account. However, the bank will not apply the stimulus funds to cover the negative, charged-off balance.